'Look at the numbers': Democratic Rep. Doggett calls for Biden to drop out of race (2024)

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX):

I think it's widespread.

And my colleague from Arizona Raul Grijalva, one of the senior members, a ranking member, was a chairman of the committee, he just came out publicly this afternoon. I think that there are many colleagues out there who realize what a severe, grave threat we face. If Donald Trump, a criminal, and his gang can take over our government in January, we may never get it back.

And all those things, climate, you were talking about earlier with the hurricane, needing to address the climate crisis, protect our public schools, ensure reproductive freedom,all of the issues we care about at home and abroad are going to be threatened by Donald Trump.

We have to put forward our strongest candidate. And after the debate, after a year of lagging in the polls, today, a New York Times pull out that they're six points apart, there's some of us just seeing we have to do something to save our republic. And we're not confident that Joe Biden can provide the answer, as much as we admire his contribution and accomplishments.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett:

Well, Amna, I can't give you a number. I can tell you that not every one of my colleagues is situated as I am, as a member who's not endangered, and who's not beginning his career, as you can tell by looking at me.

I recognize that some people are very concerned about what the effect will be on them of coming out in opposition, as it will be interpreted, though we don't oppose the president. We simply ask him to make the very important decision of stepping aside and enabling us to defeat Trump.

But they're concerned about that. And so, yes, there have been rumblings. As you heard, yesterday in Maine, in Washington state, opposite ends of the country, two of our Democratic colleagues said they expected Donald Trump to be the next president.

In the middle, there are several of that have expressed their concern about what's happening and the performance in the debate. So I think there's a great undercurrent, many questions that need to be asked.

What we need is the president out there, if all is well with him, engaging with journalists like you here on the "NewsHour" and in other forum and town halls, answering the tough questions, demonstrating that Thursday night debate is not the consistent problem he has, but it was an aberration. I hope it was.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett:

Well, first, let me say, I think there are things that could happen that could change his mind. I still believe that he puts country ahead of self, unlike Donald Trump, and that, as these numbers come in, as he hears from our members, he may well make the decision that this is not the race that he should be making and that he doesn't want a legacy that is so impressive in the Senate and as our president to end with a transfer of power to a tyrant.

As far as my mind is concerned, I have never been in doubt that I would be actively supporting the nominee of our party that and that might well be President Biden. I just think it's a little heavier a lift than if we had a new candidate who could appeal to the double haters, as they're called, and to the many people out there who've been saying in the polls, they're unwilling to support President Biden and they don't believe that he's the person who can do the job over the next four years.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett:

I'm not selecting a nominee at this point or speaking for any candidate. She's certainly a talented person who should be in the mix.

Time is short, but I think we have time for a fair, open, democratic process where any of the individuals you just mentioned, several other governors, perhaps members of the Senate or the Cabinet, could present themselves to the American people.

I think their numbers will immediately go up as they become identified outside of their states, and that having someone new, someone a little more youthful, in this race could give us the edge to defeat Donald Trump, an edge we may not enjoy if the numbers stay as they are.

I just ask that the president and his circle of close friends and family look at the numbers and determine, how are we going to prevail in November if things continue as they have over the last year and as they have worsened in recent days as a result of the debate?

'Look at the numbers': Democratic Rep. Doggett calls for Biden to drop out of race (2024)


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